TOL-3021 Phase 2a clinical trial press release
Tolerion Inc.
321 Dedalera Dr.
Portola Valley, CA  94028

Tolerion Inc. is a newly formed clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company at the forefront of developing novel and targeted treatment candidates for autoimmune diseases. Leveraging its proprietary reverse vaccine platform, Tolerion’s product candidates are designed to restore a patient’s immune system “tolerance” to self-antigens by selectively eliminating specific, harmful immune responses while leaving the rest of the immune system intact. Through a targeted and selective approach, Tolerion’s product candidates have the potential to deliver superior efficacy, safety and tolerability relative to current therapies.

Tolerion’s lead product, TOL-3021, is a novel reverse vaccine that induces tolerance to the type 1 diabetes specific autoantigen proinsulin and thereby reduces disease activity. Results from a phase 2a study demonstrate that TOL-3021
is safe and preserves beta-cell function while reducing
disease-specific destructive T-cell activity in patients
with type 1 diabetes.  These findings were
recently published in the journal Science
Translational Medicine